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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


My Christian Heritage

I spent time in church this evening, before choir practice with the Lord who through music reminded me of my two grandmothers, now saints in heaven.  Both their names were Rose.  Tears began to fall from my eyes.   As I played their favorite songs:  “Now I Belong to Jesus” by Norman J. Clayton, (Grandma Rosina’s favorite) and “The Comforter Has Come” by Frank Botomme and William J. Kirkpatrick, (Grandma Rosa’s favorite),  I recall their joy in seeing me. (I will call one Rosa and one Rosina for clarification - I called each "Grandma").

Rosa, my paternal grandmother looked at me with her big brown eyes that spoke love without words, warmth in the absence of sunlight.  Her loving embrace was soft and gentle, like her sweet voice.  There was a palpable sadness about her that told me she wished we could see each other more often and have a less formal exchange.  Our relationship was one of yearning…we both yearned for more of each other, more warmth, more joy, more time together.  I saw Rosa every Sunday in church and on rare visits to her home.  My Mom was in charge of the visiting schedule and we visited Mom's family and rarely my Dad's.

Rosina, my maternal grandmother was cheerful, always there with arms opened wide to greet me and a smile just for me.  We lived on the same block and sat in the same pew in church so our relationship was close and included much fun.  We went for walks, shared dinner together, shared secrets and laughed over silly things. (Grandmothers are best-known for having fun with their grandchildren). I thought of how precious the memory of each grandmother is and what a priceless heritage I have inherited because of their lives, lived for Him, our Savior.  I felt a special closeness to the Lord as I thought of my grandmothers that evening and I meditated in prayer. I thanked God for their impact on my life.  I will forever hold them close to my heart.

Growing up in the midst of my dear grandmothers, I sat with them in church and experienced their warmth, humility, and their devotion as they knelt in prayer to their Savior and mine. I felt the Lord’s presence and power in that little church. I learned of His healing power and answers to prayer. I saw my Grandmothers pray and yield and trust in an awesome God.  I loved visiting with them in their homes – I was always received with a warm and welcome embrace and a smile that whispered God’s love.  I love their gift, this Christian Heritage that I cherish.  Despite the frayed circumstances of their lives, they walked upright in the Lord, showed the light of Christ in their interactions with others and displayed a quiet humility and sweet spirit that I can still see when I close my eyes.
My prayer is that I too have imparted the importance of knowing the Lord intimately to my children and grandchildren and someday to my great grandchildren along with an assurance that we never walk alone on this earth.  My prayer is that my family will experience the reality of Jesus’ love in their lives and that they will be assured that as He has promised in His Word, He has prepared a place for them to dwell with Him for all eternity…and until that eternity comes, His presence in the person of the Holy Spirit remains with us on earth to comfort, guide, and strengthen His own.  

Rebutia krainziana Kesselring 1948

Dear Father,
Thank you for Your loving presence and for Your promise that You 'will never leave
us or forsake us.'   Thank You for the assurance that we may rest in Your love here on
earth and that we will see you face to face one glorious day...Praise and honor and glory to Your matchless name.    In Jesus' name, Amen