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Thursday, September 19, 2013

~Cradle Me, Lord


Cradle Me, Lord was written before I fell asleep one night…It was the end of a grueling day after having cared for my mom who suffered from Lewy-Body Dementia…Mom was in the latter stage of the illness which forced her to present with symptoms that had become increasingly pronounced.  She had become combative with me and nasty and suspicious of my grandchildren, which was just the opposite of her expression of enduring love for and attention to them (as well as showering them with their favorite things) before her illness.   And I was exhausted from the long, long day.


Cradle me, Lord

From cradle to grave

In the everlasting arms

That shield and heal         

Cradle me, Lord

I slip and fall

But not completely

For your power restrains me

And makes me stand again


Cradle me, Lord

To slumber sweetly

In Your presence

As day descends

Or as morning mists

Hold me steadfast

In Your loving grip

In Your timeless

Tender embrace 

                             Carol Castagna
                                   (c) October 2012