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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Listen to the Quiet


Listen to the Quiet

I love this moment in time

Weeping willows dancing in sweet abandon

Against an azure sky

Tomorrow will wait

An oriole walks on the grass to my porch and chirps a song

Written just for me - This moment knows no sorrow

Raindrops fall on my face and

Hush falls on the pond

Listen to the sweet, sweet sound of silence –

No cares

  No Strife –

Not here during this moment of

Quiet splendor

Only Jesus - Only sunshine - Only cool, cool water

And Jesus pours the Sunshine of His Love on me

Only Jesus - and sunshine and Peace - and Love

At this moment ... Listen to the Quiet ...He is everywhere.
© October, 2012 
Carol T. Castagna

Thank you, Dear Lord, that you are but a prayer away...that you hear us when we call...and that sometimes, when we are too weak to verbalize a request or statement, you hear us when we are silent, just seeking your presence, just whispering your name.  Thank you, Lord, with my heart filled with gratitude.