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Monday, March 24, 2014



This morning, I saw tree branches

With lush leaves

Sweep skyward

‘Till it seemed as though

All in unison had been lifted

By the wind

In praise to Thee

Thank you, Lord

For the peace and quiet

Of your gentle Spirit

For the enormity of Your love

And for the joy of Your sweet presence

Thank You for Your voice that whispers, “Come unto Me.”
                                               © 2/2012 Carol Castagna


Ice-covered branches 
Drenched in frost
 Dripping in daybreak
  Presiding against a backdrop
 Of  Tchaikovsky's Waltz
I marvel at your Winter Statement, Lord
At Your Winter Statement
 Of Sight and of Sound 
And of the Great I Am!
             This morning, in humble gratitude             
              I Praise You! 
                                           Carol Castagna  © October, 2012


I'm here Lord, with You this starry night
Listening to the ocean roar
Watching white waves emerge, mammoth
Then quiet....
Flowing, as it were, toward the sand, to sleep
I'm surrounded by Your greatness, Lord
This vast sea before me
The moon wanting only to remain in this moment
The wind caressing me gently...
In awe, I stand before you
Creator of heaven and earth!
                                                                                    Carol Castagna © 2/2012

A poem of peace and God’s quiet assurance

Listen to the Quiet
I love this moment in time
Weeping willows dancing in sweet abandon
Against an azure sky

Tomorrow will wait

An oriole walks on the grass to my porch and chirps a song
Written just for me - This moment knows no sorrow
Raindrops glide down my face and
Hush speaks sleep to the pond

Listen to the sweet, sweet sound of silence –
No cares -  No Strife
Not here
During this moment of quiet splendor...

Only Jesus - only sunshine - only cool, cool water
 Sunshine and dew drops and peace....

At this moment in time...
Listen to the Quiet

He is everywhere.
                             Carol Castagna  ©2/2012

     'i asked, he answered'
                      Song lyrics of thanksgiving and praise            
I asked, He answered
I sought, I found
I knocked and the door
Opened wide for me

I asked, He answered
I sought, I found
His mercy is limitless
His faithfulness ever abounds
                                                  Carol Castagna  ©2/2012

John 4:14
but whosoever shall drink of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst again; this water shall be a well of water springing up into everlasting life.