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Thursday, May 15, 2014

"Carol, You Bring the Sun Out from the Clouds!"

      Each time Grandma Rose saw me, she would greet me with a warm hug.  She would often say:  "Carol, you bring the sun out from the clouds!"  We would then hug as though we hadn't seen each other in years.  Actually, on many occasions, it had been earlier that day that the same hugs were exchanged.  We were our very own 'mutual admiration society.'  Grandma's words were lovely to hear and the sincerity in her voice and hugs made me love her more than ever.  Even after her passing, I remembered those moments and the way my life was  blessed and enriched because of her unconditional love.

      The richness of those memories were refreshed recently at the dedication of my husband's great-granddaughter, Scarlett.  Vincent's grandchildren were there at the church to mark the occasion as well as at the luncheon hosted by Scarlett's parents, Kristal and John S.  At some point the conversation recalled the times when the grandchildren were young and each summer, together with their now deceased grandmother, Angela, they went places and did things that enriched their lives ~ Small things like rides on the train, the Long Island ferry, visits to the candy store, the ice cream shop, the pet store were times that left vivid impressions in their minds and I saw the resultant smiles, love and camaraderie and laughter in their voices.  Most of all I noticed the resultant mutual love and respect among all the grandchildren.

                                                                   Photo by Kristal S.

      The one thing that Vincent's and my families shared was our love for the Lord Jesus.  Though we came from different backgrounds, when he and I courted and eventually married, we understood how that love had shaped us and how influential that love was in shaping our families.

The Dedication Service was a tender reminder that the grandchildren remembered the importance of the commitment to teach Scarlett to love the Lord and learn about Jesus and it thrilled us!  The lessons were being passed on to the next generation!

      What a privilege we have as grandparents to pass on lessons learned, love received and relationships formed and molded with the love of Jesus at its core.  We as grandparents hold a special place in our grandchildren s' hearts.  We can 'Bring the Sun Out' when problems and disappointments 'Cloud' their way.  Sometimes, we just need to let the 'Sun Come Out' for no particular reason at all.  Even though it's difficult to set aside our own hardships, and my grandmother, like most of us, had her share of heartaches; yet, she by setting her own sadness aside and greeting me with joyous enthusiasm, gifted me an unforgettable legacy.

                                                              Photo by Kristal S.

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