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Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Place Where Kindness Lives

The place where kindness lives is not so very far away
You'll stumble quite by chance upon its presence one sweet day
As if it were a dream, a gift, a treasure chest of gold
You'll walk into the depths and breadth of kindness unfortold
Some fortunate among us knew its essence long ago…
Childhood memories whisper warmth's sweet breeze as we grow old
Yet others of us wait till quite by happenstance it seems
The place where kindness lives, at last no longer crowds our dreams
At last we taste its sweet, sweet peace and breathe its fragrance new
And bask in fields of daisies _sunshine bright and daybreak's dew
And so we find the place where kindness lives not far away
Around our bend and up the street
A home where minds content retreat
A dwelling place where warm hearts meet
… This place where kindness lives
© October,  2012
                                                Carol T. Castagna

Dear Lord,  
Help me to minister to the your people with your passion, compassion, love and grace.  Let me seek the lost and find them, reach out to them and touch them with your love, for your honor and your glory.
In Jesus' Name, Amen.