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Saturday, December 7, 2013


Psalm 65: 8
Those who live at the edge of the earth stand in awe of your wonders.  From where the sun sets to where the sun rises, you inspire shouts of joy!

I am blessed here where I live, near the West Shoreline of Florida.  I can look out from my lanai and see the splendor of the night sky running to greet me.  And when I awaken, the lazy morning sun pours down on me as I listen to the grass grow ~ and I know that all peace reigns in my corner of the world.

                                                          © 11/2013 Photo by John Sgarlata

Weeping willows dancing in sweet abandon

Against an azure sky

Tomorrow will wait...

An oriole visits my porch and speaks a song

Written just for me - This moment is sweet solitude

Raindrops slide down my cheek and

Hush whispers to the pond

Listen ... sweet silence

Quiet splendor

Only Jesus and sunshine ~ a cool breeze

At this moment ... Listen to the Quiet ...
He is everywhere.

A Word About Prayer:

There are two elements of prayer:
...where we speak to God
...where God speaks to us

We may feel that the most important aspect of prayer is letting God know what we need (the 'speaking part' of prayer).  He already knows.  He still wants us to ask:  asking demonstrates to Him that we love and trust Him to direct our way.  Listening for the still, small voice of God is exquisitely important.  It is the 'listening part' of prayer that offers the soul nourishment:  it is where God's Holy Spirit hovers over us and fills us with God's presence and peace.  It is there, in those quiet moments with the Lord that He draws us nearer to Himself and His embrace.
Carol A. Castagna  
© 11/2013