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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

~Winter Statement


I was listening this morning to one of my favorite composers, and glancing out the window at the same time…it almost took my breath away… I walked outside
To see the branches, covered with ice…this astounding sight …I could still hear the crescendo of music at the same time
I was overwhelmed with the sight and the sound …I was speechless at my reality of being able to see and to hear and to feel this fleeting moment so dear and intense.…I was stunned and stilled at this miracle of winter life and human existence all in one breath.  I was filled with the wonder of God’s creations and wanted Him to know that my heart overflowed with love for Him

Ice-covered branches
Drenched in frost
 Dripping in daybreak
 Float against backdrops
 Of Tschaikovsky’s Waltz
I marvel at your Winter Statement, Lord
At Your Winter Statement
 Of Sight and of Sound 
And of the Great I Am!
             This morning, in humble gratitude             
              I Praise You! 
                                      Carol Castagna
                                               C. Ann Turiano Castagna
                                         © October, 2012